Shatter Me TV Series Update

It has been around two years since Tahereh Mafi, New York Time’s bestselling author of the Shatter Me series and Furthermore announced that her book series would be making its way on to the television screen.

Readers of the Shatter Me series finally gained a little more insight into the process of the upcoming television series and Mafi even displayed a sneak peek of the pilot script.

Being opted for television by the well-known American network ABC who are most known for adapting novels such as Sara Shepherd’s, Pretty Little Liars series into the well-known television series Pretty Little Liars and Cassandra Clare’s, The Mortal Instruments series into the hit television series, Shadowhunters.

It has also been revealed that Mike Le, writer and producer, will be screenwriting and adapting the source material into a working script. The upcoming writer and producer seems more than excited to be taking on such a major project.

Followers of the series took to Twitter to express their excitement on the latest piece of news.

It is still very early days for this project as it’s yet to begin production and of course the overall release date has yet to be revealed.

You can find her discussing the book to movie adaption below.

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